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Thank you so much for subscribing. Taking the free chakra test will be a valuable tool on your healing journey, so be sure to save the email and the link so you can take it as often as you feel you need to.


Now...once you have taken your chakra test, I know you are going to have some questions about your results. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Q1: What do my results mean?

A: Your results are a visual representation of where you are right now energetically. This test is not a pass or fail, wrong or right. It simply gives you an idea of where you are unbalanced and need to focus some extra attention.

Q2: What do the percentages mean/how do i read my results?

A: When looking at your results, negative percentages mean you are underactive and positive percentages mean you are overactive. It's not a bad thing.

Q3: What does underactive/overactive mean?

A: Underactive means that particular chakra in being blocked and spinning slowly. Overactive means it's spinning quickly and may be out of control.

Q4: How do I balance my chakras?

A: There are a number of different ways to balance your chakras, but it depends on what will be most effective for you on your healing journey. Of course I will always recommend meditation, but there are hundreds of ways to meditate. It may take you a while to figure out which works best for you and will yield the best results.

Q5: Why should I book a chakra consultation?

A: Booking a chakra consultation is a one on one session in which we discuss your results in depth to determine the best course of healing and what you need to do in order to find balance. It's much easier for you to understand your results when i can explain to you exactly what they mean instead of you trying to figure it out. It saves you a lot of time and frustration.

Q6: How can I book a chakra consultation?

A: You can book your session by CLICKING HERE.

If you're wondering where you can learn more about the chakras easily, I recommend purchasing my first Ebook, "The #GoddessGrind: We Grind with One EYE Open. First Elevation". Those that are absolutely new to the chakras found it to be very insightful and easy to understand. Click below to purchase for only $6.99!

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