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Tired of the same old shallow conversations??

Conscious Connections is about being able to genuinely connect with those around you that are like-minded by sharing thoughts about a variety of topics that go beyond the surface. It's not just for couples, but great for those meeting for the first time, groups, sister/brother circles, events, etc.

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Conscious Connections

The Original   

This set is the introductory set that contains a variety of conversation questions about a variety of topics. Be prepared to be shocked! Includes 1 instruction card, 50 Conversation Cards, and 20 Personality Cards.

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Conscious Connections

...After Dark 

Conscious Connections ...After Dark is absolutely about intimacy and sexuality. Some fun, some serious, some unexpected but overall goal is to go beyond the typical and give way to the unexpected. Just be open-minded. Contains 1 instructions card, 50 Conversation Cards, 12 Personality Cards, and 8 Favorite Position Cards.

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Conscious Connections

Queens Edition

Conscious Connections: Queens Edition was created just for the ladies night in, sister circles, and anything where the ladies are coming together looking to have a good time. No male bashing here. It's all about the ladies! Includes 1 instruction card, 50 Conversation Cards, 10 Personality Cards, and 10 That's ME Cards.