Rubi D. (Rubi Davidson), The Goddess Entrepreneur and Soul Speaker/Creative Therapist, is a trailblazer in the niche of balancing your chakras and manifesting success personally and professionally while focusing on mental and emotional health, and explains this process with her first book "The #GoddessGrind: We grind with one EYE open. First Elevation". This book serves as the foundation for her work on a larger scale through energy healing, guidance through education, and public speaking. Being an advocate for self improvement and willpowerment, working specifically with entrepreneurs, business owners, and other professionals, Rubi D. speaks on various topics, but the basis remains the same to balance chakras in order to manifest success through mental and emotional health and wellness. Offering healing services like chakra consultations/balancing, guided meditation, Reiki; and therapeutic services such as Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy and Color Therapy, Rubi D is able to effectively listen to clients to address root causes of issues, tailor a unique combination of treatment and coaching, so the client can move forward in their healing process.