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Mental Wellness is a Thing!

#MentalWellnessMondays Mental Wellness is a thing that applies to everyone. Some are more well than others. Mental Wellness is basically how mentally healthy or unhealthy you are. Once you innerstand this, you make changes or create habits to improve your current state. Unlike physical health where you can look at a person and can make an assessment of what physical health looks like, mental health is difficult to see. How many of you are smiling right now, yet are torn on the inside?? could be something major or minor, but it's easy to hide it. An aspect of mental wellness that really isn't talked about much is preventative measures that can be taken. All too often, people wait until they are depressed or stressed etc. to go and see someone. Why not start going beforehand to prevent it from getting to that point? You get an annual checkup on your body, why not your mind? One of my goals is to make this a thing for those that care to make it a thing. I indeed offer chakra consultations which will provide me with a snapshot of your emotional, mental, and spiritual level of health. As a result, I can get an idea of how you personally think about things from these perspectives, which triggers how you feel and act. Yes, it goes deeper than trying to figure out what happened to you. This is clear because when it's no longer happening, you're still being affected. When you're ready, let me know. Book your Chakra Consultation today!

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