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What is a Goddesspreneur?

A "Goddesspreneur" ("Godpreneur") is an individual who allows their inner being to be put front in center in their professional life. In doing so, your authentic self is allowed to shine through. You don't have to fit into this box to be accepted, to keep a job, etc. 

When we work in corporate america, there are so many things that we can't do, we really can't be ourselves, and we can't just simply be who we are. As a result, who we truly are is smothered. In this, we lose who we truly are, along with our true desires, needs, and wants, and we lose ourselves. We all strive to be successful in our own ways, whether it's working a job, having a career, having a side hustle, or being an entrepreneur. 

In order to do this, we must focus on educating ourselves in who we are.  Then we have to focus on balancing our chakras. This allows us to use our personal GPS System to keep us on the right path of our journey. Of course we will still have the ups and downs, but we maneuver differently while understanding the good and Purpose in the bad.

Are you READY to begin your Goddesspreneur journey? Get more information.

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