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Toxic People Become Toxic Business Owners

With being both a business owner and a consumer, I of course am on both sides of the fence. I know what I look for as a consumer, so that gives me insight on what to provide as a business owner in a sense. For example, I appreciate great customer service, so I provide great customer service.

How does this relate to toxicity? Well, think about this. Though I am a business owner and a consumer, I am still only one person...and the same person. I don't have different personalities for different things I do in life. So, if I am the same person (source), that will be the case in anything I do.

Same with how we deal with our personal life and professional life. You can't separate your personal life from your professional life mentally and emotionally, you can only try to keep one from affecting the other. So if you are a toxic individual, you're a toxic business owner PERIOD. Doesn't matter how well you manage the toxicity in certain situations. You still need to handle that.

Here are a few reasons/examples of why you need to handle that.

1. Have you ever gone anywhere to get food, or buy something and the person working there gives you all types of attitude? Now think about your reaction. Your thoughts. How it makes you feel? True they could be going through something, but that can also just be the type of person that they are. Don't be the person giving all types of attitude because people remember that personally and professionally. You are your business.

2. Some of us feel we have to have control over everything, and when we don't have that control, we sometimes "get in our feelings" and can react in such a way that we don't realize what's happening. This reaction can be a form of toxicity that most don't recognize because when we think of the word "toxic", we envision someone that is negative and out to hurt people. This isn't always the case. Not being able to recognize when you're being a toxic individual is not a good thing.

3. You know you're toxic and you have no idea how not to be. You create a product or several and sell it. Your negative energy is being put into every single product you make and send to your customers. You're pretty much spreading negative energy all over the place. People feel that and may never buy from you again. Or they may look over you because they are already aware of your toxicity, and don't want any parts of that no matter how great your product is.

Of course this is a short list of a few examples, but every single day as a scroll through social media, attend events, etc, I can see toxic individuals doing business. It's not all bad business because some can mask it well, but simply masking it doesn't mean it's being dealt with positively. Toxicity will surface eventually. So my recommendation is to make personal and professional self care a mandatory part of your life. Just like you can schedule time for a meeting, you can schedule time for some healing.

I completely understand what we deal with because I've been there. Yes people don't quite get the entrepreneur mindset when they have an employee mindset, so finding someone to talk to about these types of issues can be difficult. Simply because you own a business, it does not mean you are not mentally unhealthy. Professional self care includes professional wellness checkups. Schedule your Professional Chakra Consultation at here.

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