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The "Look" of Entrepreneurship

Social Media will make entrepreneurship look like nothing but traveling, brunches, speaking engagements, and all the food you can stand to eat.

Not so much.

True you love to celebrate accomplishments in a big way because you work hard to achieve things. I personally have small celebrations and the occasional party hearty event when I've achieved something major, but it's important we keep reality at the forefront of our entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Most days, my hair is all over my head, in my bed, and in my robe. This is most comfortable for me to be most productive. Some of my tribe get up and put on clothes, do their hair, and work from their home office. We find time to get together when permitted. We also like to get our sexy on and have a ladies' night out.

But the part of entrepreneurship that we rarely share are those days when we are mentally and emotionally drained. Those days when the kids are just not listening... Those days when the boo is working that very last nerve... and your favorite food spot messed up your order. Those days we are just sooo not in the mood to post on social media. Though the day has been rough, we always make sure to give ourselves some extra love. We take time for some extra self care. Yes, another part we rarely share on social media because we are too busy indulging in ourselves.

Thinking there is a look to entrepreneurship can mentally and emotionally put us in a place of thinking we're doing something wrong. Or maybe we're not doing the right thing. The point is not to allow what you think to put you in such a negative space that you can't focus on building your business.

The "Look" of entrepreneurship is phenomenal. There are so many facets that play into the life. I just always remember that honestly, there is no particular "look" to entrepreneurship. Stop looking at what everyone else is doing and simply do you. If you enjoy working naked at naked at home. Like really... who gone check you, Boo?

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