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Manifesting Professionally

I have goals and desires. I was given a vision. One thing I wasn't given was a detailed plan of who, what, when, where, why, nor how. So trusting the process is important when you decide to live in your purpose. Another important aspect is learning how to manifest professionally.

Yes, there is a difference between personal and professional manifestation. Yes the process works the same way, but there are a few key differences.

The first difference is the intention. Professionally, your intention is an extension of you, and not of you. What I mean is for anyone owning or running a business, you provide some type of product or service to a customer or client, so there for your intention is extended from you to them. Your personal intention when manifesting is all about you.

The second difference is the types of things or ideas you want to manifest. Professionally, it's not so much material things or personal items, but more so connections around you. For example, you want the right mentor, or the right people, supporters, vendors, connections, events, etc to manifest so that you can grow your business. We all know how it feels when those that you thought would support you don't, so a new support system must be created or in this case manifested with the right people, not just anybody...not just any vendor...not just any client.

The third difference is that your foresight has to be different. One wrong move can cost you your whole business. Take time to recognize when opportunities are for you and when they are not. Just because it looks good, sounds good, and it comes wrapped up in a bow doesn't mean it's for you. Discernment is important. You have to know what questions to ask, and you cannot ignore the red flags.

Manifesting in your professional life is very possible. I've experienced it many times over, and I continue to do so. Tune in to Soul Sunday with Rubi and Allison as we discuss this more via Facebook Live. 

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