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Fragrance Body Oils

Fragrance Body Oils


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Sheba is a scent that encourages you to be unapologetically sexy and authentic. The sweet scent of our Black Honey scent mixed with a hint of Peppermint is very unique and enchanting.

Melaninaire is a scent that touches the soul in you so deeply, you're bound to celebrate who you are proudly. Plus, a little shimmer ain't never hurt nobody...

Sacred is a scent that gives you permission to be wild and free in your Goddess energy. This is definitely an every day go to scent that encourages you to fall in love with yourself more and more every day.

Intuition is a scent that is such a freaking lady! The enchanting spell of powdered roses with a hint of Cinnamon adds an extraordinary twist to this magical scent.

Shakti is a scent that represents divine feminine energy and all that it stands for. Peace, calmness, happiness, grace, and elegance. There is no way to articulate this balance of chocolate with undertones of lavender.

Carbon is a scent that is deep with seemingly no bottom or end. Soul in a bottle with hints of patchouli and eucalyptus. The journey of one personified.

Larger sizes available upon request.

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