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H.I.M. Fragrance Oil Collection

H.I.M. Fragrance Oil Collection


H.I.M. sample sets are available for $8.99 with shipping and has been Huncho approved!!

He is multifaceted. H.I.M. can go from being dressed down to putting on a three piece suit with so much ease it's embedded into his blood line. These three scents represent what we love most about H.I.M.

He is Handsome. Beautiful is his soul which is reflected externally hinted with Bergamot intertwined with a light musk undertone.

He is Irresistible. Chocolate never looked so good in all of its flavors. This one is a deep sexy sandalwood and Spiced vanilla combination.

He is Masculine. Not just physically, but mentally, spiritually, and energetically...and embraces it fully. It's strong and powerful with a blend of Sage and Patchouli.

This triple threat will definitely catch you off guard.

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