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Why Chakra Healing, Meditation, and Reiki?

From my observations, which I do a lot of, I've seen so many times how negative emotions can change a person in a matter of seconds, they do or say something crazy, and within a matter of a few more seconds, they receive the same energy they just put out there. We all know the saying God don't like ugly...I still say it in some situations. Depends on who I'm talking to. The point is, it takes the exact same time to react differently and get different results. So, you have your business that you're building, you're doing well, you're feeling good. You've been at this level for a while and starting to feel stagnant. A day or two goes by and you're not seeing any growth. A few weeks...turns into a few months. Nothing has changed. You've tried a few things, but no major difference. One thing you may have neglected to do was look at yourself. Unfortunately, when things don't quite go the way we think, we look to change everything external first, never considering to look at ourselves. We've grown to become so externally dependant, that when you do start to look at yourself, it's the hardest thing to do. You've probably cussed out a few people, made some detrimental decisions, so now you've created new situations you have to deal with. What if you would have just started with yourself from the beginning? This is where I can help...if you're open to it. I can't make you do anything. I can help you understand, guide you, and offer suggestions you may have never thought of. Perspective is everything. You have a Chakra System and so does your business. I do this every single day. I am not exempt from life. Things happen. In order to build a healthy business, you have to build a holistic healthy individual...mind, body, and soul.

Rubi D

The Goddess Entrepreneur

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