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Peace, love, and light everyone. Being a successful individual equates to you being successful period. We all know life has a way of going on regardless of how you feel and what you have going on, what you're trying to do or accomplish. When I refer to life, I'm referring to everything outside of you of which you have no control over. We all have had something unfortunate happen and then it just messed up your whole day and you just want to go to bed and start over...because you've probably made some decisions you normally wouldn't have had your day started differently.

You can't even take control of a single day in your life, but you running a whole business that's not doing as well as you want it to... You run your business like you run your life.

If you don't want to admit to that or feel this does not apply to you, no problem. For those this resonates with, great. Read on.

We all possess the power to turn negative into positive in an instant, but few if us know how or actually want to do this. When you can do this on a personal level, you can do this on a professional level. Things will always happen beyond our control, but you must first overstand there is a reason for EVERYTHING. None of us are living an accidental life... Like seriously, how can you say you know your purpose in life, but only parts of it are purposeful?...and only the "good" parts at that? Like that old lady on the commercial says, "that's not how this works..."

When you find purpose in both good and bad, you find balance, innerstanding, and from that you move differently. When you move different, you react different, you decide different. When this happens on a personal level, everything else follows...

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