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Relationship Problems Where??

There's no such thing as relationship problems. They're simply personal problems/issues people bring into a relationship. For example, you have trust issues that you have not taken the time to work on. You've met this person that owns a business, travels, and has a child. You date and eventually it leads to a relationship. As you become emotionally attached, your lack of trust starts to creep in, and now you're accusing them of something you haven't fully dealt with. That is a personal problem you brought into that relationship. Most of us have a tendency to enter relationships backwards. From the outside in. Of course we look at how they look, possessions, see how many qualities they have on your checklist that you can mark off, etc...and we progress from there. What we should be doing is entering relationships inside out. Of course we see them first and determine if we're attracted to them physically, but we should then seek to learn them on the deepest level possible. Learn their soul, who they are, their triggers, whys, dreams, etc and then move outward from there. When you do this, you learn early on about the innerworkings of a person. This allows the opportunity for you to identify personal problems and issues before getting into a relationship. You won't learn everything, but it will be enough for you to decide if you want to deal with the darker places of them, and vice versa. Once issues are identified, they can be worked on individually. If we take the time to do this, this will eliminate the so called "relationship problems" that are really personal problems that we brought into the relationship do to lack of due diligence.  

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