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Setting the Standard w/Self

What do I mean by "Setting the Standard with Self"? Here is the breakdown.

I will use myself as an example so no one is in their feelings.

As i was living in the dating world, I quickly found out that you have to set standards. There are things that I was willing to deal with, but also some things I just simply wouldn't make an exception for. But even after setting standards, potential relationships would come up short still. Then it finally clicked at some point that simply because there is an attraction doesn't mean that it should lead to a relationship.

I took some some time to do some soul searching, and during that period I had to start looking at the way I was really treating myself. It wasn't the prettiest picture. I focused on loving myself. I focused on being honest with myself...being genuine with myself...complimenting myself, etc. I promised myself I wouldn't allow anyone to treat me any less than I was treating myself. I had set the standard of my future relationships.

This is what I mean by "Setting the Standard with Self". First and foremost, I was happy with myself because I was giving myself everything that I deserved. For any man to be able to court me, he had to at least meet, if not exceed, that level...and I must say I am doing a pretty awesome job!!

Set the standard

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