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The Root Chakra and Mental Wellness

How is the Root Chakra directly related to mental wellness?

The Root Chakra is associated with your ability to be grounded and feel connected and attached to this earth. Balance is when both feet are firmly planted. This is how you keep from falling over. You're safe, secure, and you're aware of your purpose.

The example given in my first book is thinking about the roots of a tree. When the roots are strong, your foundation is strong. Vice versa if they're weak. This has a lot to do with how you were raised, your environment, what you were taught, exposed to, etc. Those things shape who we become. If you were never taught how to effectively cope with issues, people, and other things beyond your control, you begin to allow these things to negatively affect you.

When similar instances of these things, people, and situations are triggered, you continue to behave and think in the negative manner in which you've done for years. Each time is eating away at your resistance to said issues not effecting you. So unfortunately, you're not building up a tolerance, you are becoming more susceptible to it's negative affects and your negative emotions. Over time, you learn to function in such dysfunction, it becomes extremely difficult to get out.

When you realize you can't get out, mental illness begins to kick in.

The goal is to be on the healthy end of the mental wellness spectrum as much as possible. In order to get there, here are a few ideas I suggest:

1. Practice Self Care- always make time for you to make sure you're okay in every way.

2. Meditate- when meditating, focus on your Root Chakra and the color red.

3. Exercise- exercise is a great form of moving meditation that helps you focus in addition to getting in shape, and feeling great.

4. Positive Self Talk- though our past may not have been the best, realize that everything you've been through has been preparing you for your best life ever. Speak positively, not negatively.

5. Be Thankful- appreciate where you've been so you can appreciate where you're going even more.

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