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Sea Moss Face & Eye Serum

Sea Moss Face & Eye Serum


Introducing our transformative Face and Eye Serum, a skincare multitasker that effortlessly doubles as a luxurious treatment mask. Crafted with a harmonious blend of Sea Moss and Aloe Vera gel, Sunflower Oil, and Flaxseed, this serum is a hydration powerhouse, offering your skin a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own routine.

Immerse your skin in the revitalizing embrace of Sea Moss and Aloe Vera gel, known for their hydrating and soothing qualities. Combined with the nourishing richness of Sunflower Oil and the omega-3 fatty acids found in Flaxseed, this serum delivers a burst of moisture that penetrates deep into your skin, leaving it supple and radiant.

Not just a serum – this versatile product also doubles as a treatment mask, allowing you to indulge in a pampering ritual. Let the potent blend of ingredients work its magic, providing your skin with the TLC it deserves. Elevate your skincare experience with our Face and Eye Serum, and revel in the transformative fusion of Sea Moss, Aloe Vera, Sunflower Oil, and Flaxseed for deeply moisturized and radiant skin.

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